Meet Events

The most important marketing tool you have to build your organization.

Power up your events

Get more done

Save time, stay connected, and know what your team is accomplishing all in one seamless cloud based solution.

  • Intuitive Registration System
  • Customizable Agenda
  • Video Streaming
  • Unique Event Website
  • Live Support
Event Management

Event Management

Plan with your team

The key to engaging your ecosystem at events comes from having a centralized solution that allows you to keep your team focused.

Event Support


We’re there when you need us

Immediate interaction and real-time assistance creates continuity and provides a sense of human connection.

Event Registration


Intuitive by design

A secure, fast, and reliable way for people to attend events. This will enable you to grow and attract both members and sponsors.

Actual quotes from attendees experiencing Connect Space Onsite Services

“You folks have really streamlined the process”

“It alleviates the whole pain of needing everything”

“How’d you do that so fast?”

It only takes two Connect Space specialists to check in 1,000+ attendees per day.

Event Agenda


Strategically Simple & Clean

Increase engagement and attendance at your event by giving insight into when to be there, where everything is, and who will be present.

Event Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Secure, fast, & reliable

Handling money, fees, and financial transactions must be secure by design. Full PCI compliance and 2048 bit SSL/HTTPS encryption ensures payments flow directly to your account safely and hassle-free.

Event Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Watch from anywhere

Utilize an interactive stream that allows your audience to connect, learn, explore, and grow anywhere.

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