Curate and cultivate your digital community with a powerful matchmaking system that connects people to opportunities.

Cultivate value with every virtual experience

Connect the right people

Give your members value by allowing them to be connected with suggestions and introductions to preferred businesses.

  • Peer-to-Peer Matching
  • Facilitated Matching
  • Customizable Tag Structure
  • Shared web and mobile experience
  • Data & Reporting

Peer to peer Matches

Match-based profiles

Give your attendees the opportunity for their identity and brand to attract meetings without anyone else involved, but the data to show results.

Facilitated Matches

Matching – Hoster-buyer style

Matches, created by a facilitator, through our smart form questions create a connection point for your buyers to choose who they are interested in meeting with. From there our matchmaking algorithm tool schedules a custom matched meeting.

Customizable tagging structure

Connections that meet needs and demands

Our unique tag system, or your match motivations, allows your attendees to easily communicate what they are seeking and providing.

Actual quotes from users and attendees experiencing Connect Space Meetings

“I’ve been able to establish relationships with reputable corporations.”

“I was able to talk with vendors and hear their stories.”

“Developed contacts for future opportunities”

It only takes two Connect Space specialists to check in 1,000+ attendees per day.

One system, always connected

Shared web and mobile experience

Your attendees have access to matchmaking from the web, iPhone, and Android giving them the opportunity to network with anyone, anytime, anywhere.

Data and Reporting

Infinite Reports

From sources such as Google Analytics, Eventbrite, Slack, Salesforce, and Ramco we have your custom report builder ready for you to dissect and learn from your event statistics.

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