Meet Insight

The technology you use is only as good as the data you collect.

Actionable Data

Powerful insights

You’ve got everything you need to make sure it all runs smoothly. We’ve even integrated with the best to ensure your success.

  • Robust Forms
  • Reports
  • Analytics
  • Surveys
  • Time Tracking


Easy to gather

Get the information you need to match your members to the right opportunities with robust flexibility and enjoyable user experience.



Visable & Exportable

Collect meaningful and easy-to-understand information that gives you key insights into who exactly your community members are.



The pulse of your audience

Measure and analyze trends in real-time to create value for you and your organization.



Qualitative and quanitative success

Collect valuable information from your audience to understand what will make them successful and help them grow.

Time Tracking

Time Tracking

Every second counts

Whether volunteering or continuing education, track every second your community spends giving back or developing skills.

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