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Any device can be used to access Connect Space.
We are the first mobile platform for event planning.

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Keep your entire team on the same page. Share documents, post comments, and track what is getting done.

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Set up registration with your attendees in mind. Create price tiers, add coupon codes, and custom questions.

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Use your own look-and-feel with our white-labeled attendee experience. Embed our sign up pages on your own website, and promote it with an email campaign - all within Connect Space.

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Check all of your attendees in, see real time reports, and make your own event website.

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All Features

  • Manage and invite speakers
  • Create a full agenda schedule
  • Archive past events
  • See metrics and run reports on attendees
  • Manage files, folders, and team tasks
  • Track event activity in real time
  • Make an event website
  • Create surveys for attendees
  • Add custom registration questions
  • Create price tiers
  • Manage contacts
  • Add and manage sponsors
  • Delegate to volunteers
  • Share and market your event
  • Check attendees in

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