Meet Matchmaking

Curate and cultivate your digital community with a powerful matchmaking system that connects people to opportunities.

Do more business

Connect the right people

Give your members value by allowing them to be connected with suggestions and introductions to preferred businesses.

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Do more business

Give your ecosystem the ability to connect the right people to the right desicion maker. When these people come together they can build an ecosystem full of possibilities.



Let them explore.

Create a way for community members to fully explore business opportunities through in-person interactions, or on the go.


Matched Meetings

Host valuable meetings.

The data you collect from your members allows you to connect the right people together to accomplish a common goal.

Actual quotes from users and attendees experiencing Connect Space Meetings

“I’ve been able to establish relationships with reputable corporations.”

“I was able to talk with vendors and hear their stories.”

“Developed contacts for future opportunities”

It only takes two Connect Space specialists to check in 1,000+ attendees per day.



Anyone, everywhere

No matter where you are in the world, professional development can continue through uninterrupted mobile communication.

Activity Updates

Activity Updates

Everyone is in the know

Get the message out to educate and inform your community of real-time information and news that matters.

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