Hybrid-Ready Broadcasting

Deliver high quality live and pre-recorded video with ease

Built for the future, ready today

Virtual and hybrid capabilities

Deliver high-quality live and pre-recorded video with ease, whether you have 100 or 10,000 attendees.

  • Built-in video streaming capabilities
  • RTMP Streaming
  • YouTube and Zoom
  • Attendee chat with reactions and links
  • Native Mobile

Goin' Live

Concurrent Event & Session Livestreams

Invite and prepare with your speakers backstage then once you're ready to broadcast to your audience, it's as simple as clicking a button - Go Live!

Attendee + Backstage Chat

Keep up the conversation

Communication is crucial whether it’s behind the scenes or with your audience. With automatic filtering and moderation tools, you have control of your chat.

Metrics that Matter

The pulse of your audience

Collect meaningful information that is relevant to your broadcast and audience participation. Promote surveys to receive detailed feedback while attention is high.

Native Mobile

Live streams to-go

Whether it's our native iOS & Android apps or our mobile-friendly web application, Connect Space is optimized to give your attendees the best experience wherever they go.

Broadcast Posters

Pump up the audience

Customize what your sessions will say before, after, and even in-between if you’d like to take breaks or intermissions. Upload images or GIFs. Show off your sponsors before your session begins.

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