Kaitlyn Francois

Connect Space, Marketing Associate

Published on June 5, 2020

Why It’s Important To Have Livestream At Your Next Event

There’s something about waiting in that long line for an event to begin. No early access stirs an exciting form of anticipation leaving attendees feeling giddy and more ready than ever.

As a planner, you might be wondering how you can recreate this feeling now that in-person events have been postponed or even canceled. Luckily, we are in a time of innovation and have access to tools that can provide a similar experience. A valuable solution is live streaming – most commonly referring to live video content. Just as attendees would wait in line, users wait in anticipation for the live stream to commence. Social media influencers, churches, and even politicians are taking advantage of live streams to personalize and promote their message. Why not event planners too?

Streaming events provides your audience with the ability to see you in real-time and creates a more personal connection. Think of when a client asks to video chat rather than correspond through email. During that face-to-face interaction, the two of you are able to exchange facial expressions, laughs, and opinions in ways that text is simply incapable of. Just like video chat, a live stream immediately creates that same personal touch and implies a conversation of greater importance.

The live stream creates a special connection and engagement opportunity for everyone. Because it is not an ordinary recorded and edited video, it creates a sense of urgency. The streamed event is an exclusive appearance that the audience feels the need to be at or risk missing out on altogether.

Due to the pandemic, many live events have been postponed or canceled. However, with live streams, these events can still carry on. It may even mean more to your audience because you are taking the time to put on live production and personally connect with them during these challenging times.

Connect Space can help make it possible to start a Livestream and connect with your audience without creating a difficult workload. Portals to YouTube and Zoom allow your attendees’ video experience to be seamless. Stay connected anytime, anywhere. 

If the event is located in Washington, but your audience is in Utah? Not a problem. Your audience can tune in from any part of the world. Live streaming is available not just on the website but on our attendee mobile app as well. This creates better opportunities for viewers to stay connected and up-to-date with your brand without having to recreate an entire event format.

Some other great features to complement our Livestreams:

  • Time Zone support
  • Double opt-in connections and meetings
  • Event Livestreams and Surveys
  • Session Livestreams and Surveys
  • Google Analytics
  • Eventbrite Integration
  • And much more

Are you ready to go live? Check out our free demo and give it a shot!