Julie Trombley, RCE, e-Pro

Member Systems Specialist, Michigan Realtors®

Published on February 12, 2020

How Connect Space Benefits Your Members and Your Staff

There are so many different systems out there, and you may find your membership/association management system falling short in some areas. When it comes to the event registration process and supplying the information you need as the planner, and what the attendee needs to complete their registration and easily track their CE hours, you need a system that works. Connect Space is that system!

Member Concierge Service

Our partnership with Connect Space has improved our event registration process by leaps and bounds over anything we were using or tried in the past. It’s an ever-evolving and improving the process as we continue to work with Len and his amazing team! Together we continually strive to provide member concierge serves and make the registration process easier for our members, which recently included an API integration with our AMS, RAMCO. Members who link their Connect Space account with their RAMCO account no longer have to enter their information over and over for each event they attend. Any regularly requested registration fields, including custom questions, are filled in for them based on information on their record in RAMCO. The member just needs to review the pre-filled information, select their price tier, and pay. (Read about more Member Benefits)

The Ease of Check-In

Connect Space has truly been a game-changer for Michigan Realtors®! We were able to stop printing name badges ahead of time, have members wait in line according to their last name and pick up their badge (which the piles would get out of order and cause more of a delay). Now a member walks up to the registration desk, gives their name and instantly a badge is printed, and the member is checked into the event. So not only have we made the process easier for the member, but we also have accurate counts of who has checked in and who hasn't. Oh, did I mention? The badges include a barcode so you can scan your members in and out of education sessions.

Planner/Administration Processes

Not only have processes improved for the members, but the planner/admin side also provides several enhancements to make our jobs more efficient. With barcodes printed on the name badges, staff or volunteers can scan the name badges as members enter and exit education sessions, which date and time stamps their attendance at each session. The admin then downloads CE timesheets, which includes the data needed to report CE hours for license renewal.

From registration confirmation emails to custom questions and reports, event cloning and so much more, Connect Space has created a robust event registration system that continues to evolve and grow as our needs change. (Check out the Admin Benefits)

There’s an App for That

With our branded app, members have information about the event at their fingertips. Planners can send bulletins to members immediately or scheduled to send at a specific time during the event. Attendees can post messages and Tweets with branded hashtags appear in the notifications. Members can pull up an attendee list to see who’s registered and have the ability to set up a meeting with another member via the app. Planners can add session surveys so members can answer the questions immediately within the app while the session speakers and content are fresh in their minds.

No Regrets

We truly couldn’t be happier with the work we’ve done with Connect Space over the years. We started using their system long before we got RAMCO, so they’ve grown right along with us and have worked diligently to keep up with the changes as we go. Many of the features mentioned through this blog can be used by anyone using any AMS or no AMS even. It wasn’t until recently that we were able to utilize our AMS to assist in the registration process. If your organization is interested and does not use RAMCO AMS you can still get a great deal with the Connect Space Association Bundle here

With Connect Space, you have options, and it’s worth reaching out to them to see if their system will work for you. I’m pretty sure you will find out it will!