JP Hayes

Marketing Director

Published on September 9, 2021

Introducing EventBiD by Connect Space

Introducing EventBiD by Connect Space

Connect Space launches a free matchmaking tool for Michigan event industry vendors and planners.

By JP Hayes, Director of Marketing at Connect Space

The Event Industry changed for good when the global pandemic hit in 2020. Virtual events were in their infancy, and they had to grow up fast. It wasn’t just Connect Space that was accelerated into the virtual event space. Event Professionals across the globe became experts in virtual events overnight. Assuming they still had work. Some lost jobs, changed careers or retired.

For the first time, people outside the events world saw how large the Event Industry is when the impact of not having a thriving event industry influences economies worldwide.

The 2018 Global Economic Significance of Business Events study, commissioned by the Events Industry Council and conducted by Oxford Economics, reveals:

  • 1.5 billion people worldwide participate in business events annually
  • $2.5 trillion (USD) in direct and indirect spending as a result of business events
  • $1.5 trillion (USD) in global GDP contribution
  • 26 million people have direct or indirect jobs in this industry
  • $704 (USD) average spending by business events participants


In Michigan, headquarters to Connect Space, small businesses are down almost 25% as of August 2021. The industry is steadily building back up. There's still an opportunity to get us to full capacity.


As event professionals ourselves, we belong to different networking groups. One afternoon, we were on a group event page specific to Michigan, Detroit Events Council.

The group has members covering all facets of the events industry, from florists and entertainers to tent rental companies, valets, and everything in between. The page is for sharing resources and best practices with a guideline around not promoting or soliciting business. Those rules make it great for referrals and conversations around industry trends. It’s why we’re members. We saw a post in the early Summer of 2021 asking how other professionals were getting the word out about their businesses. Events were still in the “are we going live?” stage. As was the norm, members began making recommendations to the question of business awareness. They recommended various groups like ILEA Detroit and Detroit NACE, really great organizations that we fully support. However, those recommendations still didn’t get to the root of day-to-day awareness for individual businesses within the events community.

“The solution is to provide a format where a business owner can openly state what they’re trying to sell while also identifying other vendors that can accommodate needed resources for doing business.” -Len Gauger, CEO, Connect Space

That post led us to conversations internally. We asked ourselves; What matters to us? We believe in the comeback of our industry. We had friends and family directly impacted when the industry shut down, and we have a tool designed to help businesses network with our matchmaking tag system. We also want to do well by doing good. With a love for the event industry and our fellow event professionals and friends like family, the conversation led to EventBiD.

EventBiD, short for Event Business in Detroit, is a matchmaking tool for event professionals in Michigan. It makes others aware of what these businesses can provide and makes known what they need as Event professionals to create outstanding experiences.

Early in its conception, Connect Space was a robust, multi-platform registration and matchmaking tool. With years of development and continuous input from planners, it grew to include; the virtual event lobby, broadcasting, matchmaking, and an ecosystem to support clients’ digital communities. We have the tools that event planners need today and the tools they’ll need moving forward.

Join us in keeping the Michigan Event Industry strong. We are giving access to the matchmaking component of our platform to area professionals in Michigan and individuals outside of the region in search of vendors within Michigan for business they conduct in the state.

To become a member, participants must fill out a form stating current or intended business in Michigan. If your application is approved, access will remain open throughout 2022.

Consider EventBiD, the digital Rolodex to Michigan Event Professionals that can assist you in getting the job done.

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